Backups – The Forgotten Website Security Pillar

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I (Tony Perez of Sucuri) travel a lot (a lot might actually be an understatement these days), but the travel always revolves around a couple common threads – namely website security education and awareness. In these travels, regardless of the community I am engaging with, there are always common questions like, “How important is it to proactively protect my environment,” or, “How can I fix my environment after it’s been hacked?” Of course, those are really important questions, and as the CEO of a company that meets those needs, I’m more than happy to answer those big questions. But as I’ve traveled the country and answered those questions, I’ve noticed a fundamental lack of understanding of a more basic security need: backups, specifically how backups fit into the security spectrum.

Sucuri - Security Pillars

It’s very easy to get bogged down in the minutiae that makes up your website’s security, but as with everything, having a great foundation will provide the security required when everything else fails.

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