Why is my site not getting any traffic … ?

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Well because there’s much more to online marketing than that.  Here’s a quick run-down:

Your website should do at least 3 things well:

1 Provide an online presence so your company can easily be found on the internet

2 Act as a traffic magnet to attract potential customers and be an online document for your sales staff to refer to.

3 To provide online storage of important corporate / product / services information that can be accessed by staff & clients from anywhere anytime on a public or private basis.

In addition to the above your website should also look and feel good. Attractive design, classy photos, well written text and good navigation are all part of this.

One of the least understood and rarely implemented parts of this is your general online presence. The website is obviously the most important but by no means the only part of the corporate internet presence. From our experience here are some of the other real important things to consider:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process by which the site gets configured / enhanced to make it more attractive to search engines to get a higher ranking. This includes setting up key words, key phrases, photo captions, an optimized home page, creating back-links, etc.

Traffic Analytics

In order to gauge how much traffic is getting to your site you need traffic analysis software. We recommend Google Analytics as a very widely available tool. Google Analytics is free from Google but will require installation and configuration on our part that we would charge for (once).

Photo Galleries

We have in the past installed photo galleries on many websites. Typically these came in the form of components for Joomla or WordPress websites. These components were purchased from suppliers by us and then resold to our clients. Recently, however, we have switched to using available online photo gallery services such as Flickr.comPicasaSmugMug.com, and others. We can link a window from these services directly into your website and make it look like it’s part of your site. The advantage to going this way is that millions of people visit these sites every day and this is a great way to capturing some of it.

Video Galleries

Essentially the same holds true as for Photo Galleries. We recommend YouTube.com, Vimeo.com and others.  Photo and Video Galleries are easy to set up and uploading content to them is a snap. We can link them into your website making it appear as though they are part of the site. Best of all most these services are free or have a free component.

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